Our Private Jet

Our Exclusive Executive Jet Syndicate – UK/Palma from £5995

At Boat Share Mallorca in conjunction with Sandaris Aviation we are forming an exclusive group, consisting of a small number of individuals who will benefit from access to a luxury, high-speed executive jet at a fraction of the price charged by the industry leader. Our round trip itineraries are especially designed to work with Boat Share Mallorca’s owner change-over days to maximise the efficiency of the aircraft.

Who are Sandaris Aviation?

Sandaris Aviation is a small, privately-owned company that operates a jet leasing business, designed to enable a small, exclusive group of people to benefit from the many advantages of private air travel at an affordable price. By remaining small, they can provide a service that rivals the industry leaders, yet delivers a level of personal customisation that is unsurpassed. Their aircraft and crews are adept at whisking you and your family & friends to Mallorca from your local airport in conjunction with your boat share turn around dates, and where possible will return with departing share owners to further reduce the cost by creating round trip passenger flows.

Private Aviation is a fabulous travel experience!

The days of a luxury experience on commercial airlines and at international airports have long since passed. Nowadays we tend to dread the journey and look upon it as the unpleasant part of our precious time away, quickly becoming frustrated by the many different queues we will encounter. It starts from the airport car park onwards, through to the check-in process, on to security, the departure gate access and finally queuing once more to board. The days of lounges not being overrun with stag or hen parties and being part of a select number of priority-boarding passengers have also passed. Then upon landing the same herding and queuing process is fully repeated in reverse.

When you fly commercial you have to adjust your schedule to suit the airline, with Sandaris Aviation you fly when it is most convenient to you. Need to extend your last minute meeting? Delayed on your way to the airport? Children want a last-minute swim before leaving? No problem! A phone call to your very own Captain is all it takes to rearrange the flight to meet your needs.

Flying Above the Weather

The Citation M2 is designed to climb faster than airliners, so we are above poor weather sooner. Commercial jets cruise around 35,000 feet, we fly at 41,000 feet. That puts us above airline traffic and weather, and our routes are often more direct — we don’t compete with bigger planes for space. This extra flexibility enables us to capture better winds and avoid adverse weather too.

Privacy in The Air

Even when travelling First or Business Class it is hard to have sensitive and personal conversations. Regardless of how hard you try, it can be difficult to enjoy a true sense of privacy and if needs be catch up on some work.

Executive Terminals

Travelling with Sandaris Aviation is both comfortable and luxurious. You will arrive at the exclusive Executive Terminal, sometimes only minutes before your flight, where you will be greeted and made to feel welcome and very special. No long queues and intrusive searches, instead of baggage check-in, your crew and the terminal staff will quickly move your baggage to the aircraft, whilst you and your guests relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Arrive Relaxed

Relaxing in the comfort of the Citation M2 is so much better even than flying First or Business Class.
Not having to share your armrest with a stranger or listen to the passenger behind you cough their virus in your direction is truly enlightening. You almost don’t want the flight to end it is such a pleasurable experience. Oh, and no need to worry about the uninspiring food trolley, a local delicatessen will have provided some wonderful snacks and the bar is stocked with Champagne of course!

“On a recent trip to the Palma boat show I flew with Sandaris Aviation. The entire experience was both pleasurable and efficient. Only three hours after leaving the UK, I was at the show, refreshed and ready to go. I will certainly consider this option for future business trips.”

Richard Clarke
Princess Yachts International

“Flying with Sandaris Aviation was fast, efficient and one of the most pleasurable travel experiences of my life”.

Gilda Gardner

Citation M2

The Citation M2 is one of the most recent offerings from the legendary Cessna Aircraft company. It is capable of transporting as many as seven passengers and crew up to 1,500 miles at an altitude of 41,000 feet and at speeds of up to 460 miles per hour. Powered by two Williams jet turbine engines and controlled by the very latest avionics suite from Garmin, the Citation M2 is one of the most advanced passenger jets in service today.

Style and Comfort

The Citation M2’s interior elegance matches its comfort. Its eight large windows emphasize the spaciousness of the cabin. The interior layout provides seating for up to five passengers to work and relax. You can also stay connected while in flight with the M2’s integrated satellite phone, enabling you to call or text from your seat to anywhere in the world.

Cabin Amenities

The four M2 club chairs have retractable inboard armrests and are also fully adjustable, adding to your comfort. Left- and right-side foldout worktables may be extended between pairs of facing club chairs. There are also left- and right-side 240-volt AC power outlets below the worktable enabling you to power laptops, etc.

Advanced Avionics

Most of the M2’s functions are controlled by an advanced touch-screen avionics system from industry leader Garmin. All critical functions are monitored by the system; flight planning and navigation are also catered for. As a result, the flight crew can quickly set up the system for any mission and throughout the flight monitor and easily adjust the flight plan or aircraft systems.
The main advantage of this very modern facility is that it greatly reduces the crew’s workload, leading to an enhanced level of safety and utility during all stages of flight.

M2 Tech Details

Travel at 460 miles per hour maximum cruise speed and up to a 1,500-mile range. Complete a typical 1,100-mile mission in 2 hours and 41 minutes in the Citation M2 versus 3 hours and 19 minutes in a typical competing turboprop. Enjoy weather-topping capabilities after directly climbing to 41,000 feet in 24 minutes. A useful load of 3,810 pounds with a baggage capacity of 725 pounds allows you to take your guests and their bags where you need to go. *

As I’d suspected the M2 left me speechless. I know Cessna wasn’t redoing the 525 just for me, but they might as well have been. They took a tried-and-true performer, gave it a bit more power, remarkably easy to use avionics that cut down on workload and complexity, and a refined cabin that is sure to please the people in the back.”

Flying Magazine
November 2013

* Maximum range may be affected by the number of passengers travelling and the accompanying baggage. However, refuelling is a rapid and simple task, which greatly extends the available range.

The Value Proposition


Chartering is one way of accessing executive aircraft, however, it’s not without its problems. Charter brokers normally request bids from aircraft operators. They will often select the lowest bid to gain your business; this isn’t always the best option for you. Also, you have little or no control over the age or condition of the aircraft. True, it must meet regulatory standards, but that doesn’t mean that the interior of the aircraft reflects the price that you pay. Additionally, you have no control over crew selection. Typically charter rates are around £1,900 per hour, and in addition you will be liable for landing and handling fees. You may also have to pay a fuel surcharge. If, for example, you charter an aircraft to take your family on vacation the aircraft will normally be repositioned back to the UK at your expense.


NetJets is an excellent organisation with a fleet of high quality airplanes, manned by professional crews. They guarantee access to their fleet at short notice and they provide an excellent service.
The two pricing models are Fractional Ownership and the Private Jet Card.

Jet Cards

With the Jet Card you purchase increments of 25 hours of flying. One of the advantages of NetJets is that they do not charge for ‘dead-legs’. However, the basic charges are very high, and in addition they add a fuel levy, further increasing your costs.

Fractional Ownership

The cost of subscribing to the fractional ownership model is typically £500,000 and unlike Boat Share Mallorca’s open and market forces related principles, requires a five-year commitment. At the end of five years NetJets will return the value of your fraction, which will have been subjected to an annual depreciation rate of 10%, irrespective of the actual aircraft value. Meaning that you will only receive £250,000. In addition to this very large depreciation cost you will also have to pay about £250 for every hour you fly.

Boat Share Mallorca & Sandaris Aviation

We offer a similar service to NetJets Private Jet Card, however, the cost and commitment are greatly reduced. Instead of having to pay large initial sums you can pay a monthly leasing fee, which secures your access to the aircraft, followed by a smaller hourly fee when you fly. Like NetJets there is no charge for ‘dead-legs’. In the example above the total cost of the flights from most southern UK airports would only be around £5995 each way, with no hidden extras.

Your Private Jet

M-CARA is the actual aircraft you would be flying on. She was built to order for Sandaris Aviation and first commissioned in 2006.