Fractional vs Charter vs Ownership

 Fractional OwnershipCharterSole Ownership
Purchase Price - Total Charter Price over 3 years£120,000£270,000£960,000
Total Depreciation over 3 years (10% pa)£36,000£0£288,000
Total operating cost over 3 years (incl mooring & maintenance etc)£36,000£0£288,000
Total cash outlay over 3 years (Depreciation plus operating cost)£72,000£270,000£576,000
Actual weekly cost per week (3 years at 6 weeks p.a. use) £4,000£30,000£48,000

Charter Benefits

  • No capital investment
  • No responsibilities
  • Free to pick a different yacht every year

Fractional Ownership Benefits

  • Lowest capital investment
  • Pride of ownership
  • No responsibilities
  • No tipping policy
  • Guaranteed annual use on your own yacht
  • Known commodity with all your personal items on board for your arrival
  • A voice and ownerhip related decision making
  • Professional Management
  • Yacht well maintained
  • All expenses are only 1/8th of actual cost

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