About Us

We are best described as the largest co-operative of boat-sharing-owners in Mallorca.

Unlike the more corporate businesses offering shared access to yachts in various membership or charter orientated guises, we are not  focused on profit, but instead on the mutual pleasure and benefit of our respective owners, who all hold an equity stake in their respective yacht.

Many of our owners actually have more than one share, some with a stake in 2 or even 3 of our syndicated yachts. This enables them to enjoy a wider cross section of boating, ranging from weeks on their 85ft crewed yacht to days on their smaller day boat.

Boat Share Mallorca has continued to grow over the past 15 years; generally by referral upon referral from our existing and happy syndicate owners. Many of us are now on our 3rd or 4th syndicated vessel, after repeatedly upgrading to newer or larger yachts.

In the early years we were quite casual about how we managed our yachts and how we shared the usage, but over time we have collectively learned that a syndicate owned yacht must have an extensive and robust operational management support system. This enables all the owners to benefit from a much higher standard of seamless use. The constantly improving facets of shared ownership have all evolved from practical experience, and have since become a well-proven format over our many years of co-ownership.

To facilitate better movement of owners in and out of our various yachts, and to help us benefit from the economies of scale that our multiple yachts now present, we created Boat Share Mallorca to oversee the syndicates and the sale and purchase of shares within them. One of our owners who recently retired and now resides nearby during the summer months and currently participates in 3 of our yachts, has become our part-time Boat Share Mallorca designated manager. Each yacht still retains fully independent financial control of their syndicate, which is managed by one of their shareholder owners.

For full operational transparency we also created a real-time online software management tool for every aspect of the yacht’s operation. Each yacht has it’s own independent owners’ only website, which is the primary management and communication hub for that yacht. It is used for general maintenance issues, a real-time spreadsheet displaying all the financial maintenance account aspects, the selection usage calendar, the yacht’s syndicate documentation and an inter-owner communication forum.

As with most organisations, it’s all about the people within it. Sincere mutual respect between owners now exists to such an extent that when an owner has an incident, large or small, he is generally more embarrassed and motivated to put it right immediately, than he would be on his exclusively owned yacht. Likewise, the support and respect for the boat and finance managers has created a genuine sense of mutuality, with a real ambition to be a team player and avoid any sense of conflict between our many owners. Evidence of this is that it is commonplace on the voting forums for owners to state that they don’t mind either way, and will “happily go with the majority view”, even if they do secretly have a preference.

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